How to Succeed at Stage Management Without Really CryingA Guide to Stage Management at the University of North Dakota Department of Theatre ArtsAugust 2011- Version 2

About This Manual

FormsUND Incident Reporting Form (Online Form)UND Incident Investigation Form (Online Form)Audition FormDepartment ContractRehearsal Report (Download Microsoft Word Document)Costume Fitting Schedule

1. General InformationSelection of a Stage ManagerTime CommitmentAttendanceAcademic Credit
2. Before Rehearsals BeginTimeline of a ProductionFormsCalendars and SchedulesProduction CalendarRehearsal Calendar and Rehearsal SchedulePrinting and DuplicatingDuplicatingPrintingOffice Resources and ComputersKeysProduction MeetingsCommunicationCallboardEmailTextingDropboxFacebookPrompt BookStage Manager Tool KitSpike Tape StorageAuditionsCast/Crew Discipline IssuesEmergency Conditions
3. RehearsalsGeneral InformationContact ListsFirst Rehearsal MeetingGeneral HousekeepingFood and DrinkGarbagePersonal ItemsSmokingTech TablesAppointments with Design/Technical StaffCostumesRehearsal CostumesAppointmentsUnlocking DoorsPropsProduction Prop ListRehearsal PropsSigning Out PropsRehearsal Prop StorageBackstage SeatingRehearsal ReportOpening and Closing Burtness TheatreTo Unlock Burtness TheatreTo Lock Burtness TheatreWork LightsBuilding Security Walkthrough
4. Technical RehearsalsGeneral NotesTechnical Rehearsal StructureCall and GO TimesCall/GO StructureCast & Crew Sign-In SheetStage Manager Location During Technical RehearsalsIntercom Headset, Communication Radio and RelatedProgram Information
5. PerformancesGeneral NotesCall TimesCast & Crew Sign-In Sheet"Baby Sitting"Front of House PersonnelHouse ManagerBox Office ManagerBox Office HoursComplementary Tickets (Comp Tickets)Communicating with the House ManagerStandard Timeline to Start a PerformanceHolding the HousePerformance ReportsPhoto CallKennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Response
6. Closing the ProductionGeneral NotesReturn ScriptsStrikeReturn Keys