6. Closing the Production

General Notes

"All good things must come to an end." Even stage management. But before you start to remember what free time is like, there is just a little more work that you need to do.

Return Scripts

Rented scripts, scores and music need to be returned to the publisher. Prior to closing the show confer with the administrative secretary about how script return should be handled. On closing night all scripts, scores and music need to be returned to the stage manager. Prior to return (and, for actors, prior to closing night) the person assigned the script should erase all written notes and the script should be as clean (or cleaner) than when originally received. The stage manager will have a list of script assignments and confirm that all scripts have been returned.


Following the final performance strike will be held to tear down the set, put away costumes and do whatever other prep is needed to complete the production. The Technical Director and Costume Designer are responsible for supervising strike in their respective areas.

Restock Stage Manager Tool Kit

The toolkit that you have been using should be restocked to original specifications (see page 2-6). If items need to be replenished check with the Administrative Secretary. You will either get replacement items immediately or items may need to be ordered. Ordered items usually arrive within 1-2 days. You will be notified when the items arrive.

Return Keys

Keys should be returned the first business day following the close of the production. It is important that this be done in a timely manner- it is possible that another person is waiting to check out the set. Keep in mind that failure to return the keys will result in a significant charge for replacing locks.

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