Selection of a Stage Manager

A Stage Manager is selected by the director of a given production with advice from the Department Chair and Technical/Design faculty and staff. Selection is based on a number of criteria, including, current management skills, educational growth that could be provided by the experience, course credit needs and other consideration specific to the production and stage manager.

Time commitment

Specific time commitment will vary by production. As a rule the entire commitment will range from 4-8 weeks. Commitment is generally broken down as follows-
-Production meetings- approximately 1 hour per week. Production meetings usually will begin about 8-10 weeks before the production opens.
-Auditions- 2-4 afternoons and/or evenings at the beginning of the production process
-Blocking/Acting Rehearsals- 2-6 weeks, 5-6 days a week and 3-4 hours per rehearsal.
-Technical Rehearsals- 4-6 days, 4-6 hours per rehearsal
-Preview Performance- 1 day, 3-5 hours
-Performance- 3-6 days with a standard run being Tuesday-Saturday, though some performances may run 2 weekends (Thursday-Saturday).


It is expected that the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager(s) will attend all rehearsals. That said, attendance exemptions may be allowed if set up in advance with the director.

Academic Credit

1-3 credits of THEA 481- Theatre Practicum Academic Credit is available for the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers.

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